Kites Trust is a peer-led mental health organization which values, respects, and utilizes people’s experiences of mental health distress and/or addiction.

Kites Trust works to ensure that people who experience mental health crisis and/or addiction have equal opportunities to live, work and participate in the community.

Kites promotes consumer leadership as key to achieving social inclusion, equal citizenship rights and improved mental health services for people who experience mental health distress and/or addiction.

Some of the ways we promote social inclusion and full citizenship rights are through: consumer leadership, peer support, facilitation, research and evaluation, anti-stigma and discrimination education and training, systemic advocacy, and through active partnerships & co-design.

Valuing, respecting and utilising people’s mental health experiences

Ka wāriu ka whakaute a ka whakapau e ngā wheako mate a hinengaro o ngā tangata

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