The Peer Tree – Youth Peer Support

Volunteer with the Peer Tree

Use your lived experience of mental health distress and recovery to support others through their own journey wellbeing

There is a great opportunity to volunteer as a peer support group leader / facilitator.

In this role, you will:

  • Build confidence and skills in leadership and group facilitation
  • Learn and build skills in peer support
  • Build professional skills
  • Help foster a community of belonging for youth who may struggle with mental health, isolation and stigma
  • Walk alongside peers through their own journey of wellbeing
  • Give back to you community

I want to volunteer! How do I apply?

  • Download and read the Volunteer Role Description here.
  • Download and read the Fact Sheet here.
  • Please reach out to our Peer Tree Coordinator to ask if we are currently recruiting. 
  • Download and complete the Application Form here.
  • Email the completed form with a short introduction about yourself and why you want to volunteer to our Peer Tree Coordinator

Required time commitment: 

  • At least six months’ commitment
  • Be available for weekly social groups – 2hr per week
  • Regular catch-ups with Coordinator.
  • A few training sessions per year.

The Peer Tree group facilitator volunteer role is right for me if…:

  • I identify as a ‘peer’. This refers  to someone who has had a personal experience of mental distress and/or addiction that has disrupted their life for a significant period of time. Peer Tree volunteers must have used mental health services or have been in hospital for some length of time, or have sought out care and have had an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician regarding mental health distress.  Peer Tree volunteers must have a level of understanding of the impact mental distress crisis can have on a person’s life.
  • I want to walk alongside on the journey of recovery with and extend empathy to peers who are currently experiencing mental health distress and addiction and share my live experience with them.
  • I’m well established in my own recovery.
  • I want to make a difference in the community, build relationships and be part of the Peer movement.
  • I’ve read the Fact Sheet and Volunteer Role Description and it all sounds like me!

For any questions, please reach out by email to our Peer Tree Coordinator or phone at (04) 389 9677.

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