The way we work

In collaboration with our local communities to promote social inclusion using the principles of community development by:

  • Encouraging people to define their own problems and issues
  • Involving the skills, knowledge and experience of people with experience of mental distress and addiction issues
  • Promoting collaboration
  • Facilitating local solutions to local problems
  • Creating purposeful conversations and ways of working together
  • Facilitating resolution where there are conflicting interests
  • Engaging in policy development at both community and government levels.


In 2000, Wellington-based mental health services, Wellink, MASH, Pathways and Te Roopu Whakapakari Ora, came together to look at ways of working together effectively. Each organisation had been working on key areas, such as employment, housing, participation in communities and access to services. To bring these roles together, Kites was formed.

In 2009, Kites and Case Consulting came together to work on common goals. Case was a mental health consumer-led and operated organisation, also established in 2000, and had built a reputation for its ethical and professional work. In 2010, Case merged with Kites Trust.

Kites acknowledges the work of Sarah Gordon and Gary Platz as founding directors of Case, for their leadership and commitment to peer-led services nationally and internationally.